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Energy Engineering

This is a major programme designed to face the challenge that energy has become one of the most important areas of concern in the world in the 21st century, and renewable energy, environment, sustainable development, and green technology have been attracting unprecedented interests from a broad spectrum of the global community including governments, businesses, industries, and academia.

In light of this, the Faculty of Engineering offers a new 4-year full-time undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Degree Programme in Energy Engineering (ENER) starting 2012-13 with a target admission of S.6 students. New double degree options in ENER and IBBA and IBBA and ENER are also offered starting 2012-13.

B. Eng. Degree Programme

The Energy Engineering Programme emphasizes emerging technologies on how energy, especially clean energy, can be generated, harvested and deployed. It stresses a balance between fundamental concepts and hands-on practice, with the goal of producing engineers who can contribute to the well being of the environment and society through innovative problem-solving skills and adaptability toward the latest technological advances.

Programme Features
Career Prospects

Upon graduation, Energy Engineering students will find career opportunities as power engineers, energy device engineers, energy auditors, environmental engineers, technical analysts or consultants for corporations, inspectors or officers to enforce government regulations on energy and environment, and other professions. They can also pursue postgraduate studies in their specialized areas of interest in Hong Kong or overseas.

Energy Engineering + Business Administration Double Degree Programme

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